Wednesday, 23 July 2014


                                                                          JUST BY YOU

A feeling of emptiness
A dying body lying helpless
Looks like my frame
Poor bewildered me
Dad kept sobbing, pacing and panting
         As I kept following and asking
Why is everyone saying “so long”?
I feel perfectly fine
Stop crying dad
Just look by your left, I am just by you
Where are they taking my form to?
    Why are you entering the emergency unit dad?
           What is Sophie, Anna and Kyra  doing here?
Why are pipes connected to their mouths?
Stop telling them I am dead
Can you not see or hear me?
I am just right in front of you, wearing the dress you bought me on my last birthday
     Am I truly dead?
Now I remember, I remember how we got here
I am so sorry dad
The fault was all mine
I drove them all to the emergency unit
It was after we shared the drink in the bottles
We just wanted to have fun
For our social lives were neglected
I thought I felt sober after the drink,
I controlled the wheels perfectly
Just like you thought me, dad
but the music only grew louder 
The seat belts were just too far from us
I meant to take us home
But the car suddenly developed wings
It was the drink, then the car, now we are here
Hopes dashed and expectations crushed
              I want to apologize and make you all know how miserable I am
            Being mindful that I cannot be heard nor seen    
  For I have become a ghost

Wednesday, 2 July 2014



Right in the middle of the gathering
He decided to give me the ring
I just chuckled from within
Even in my dreams I would still give in.

Don’t stop looking into my brown eyes
From you my love is another surprise
Not a day will pass from now without my lips in your mouth.

This is too good to be true,
As I hark back to how we got here
When we met, your approach to me was magical
I remember all your soothing words that enchanted my heart
As I blushed and accepted your friendship.

Would you listen to this confession I want to make?
 I however hope nothing shall be at stake,
I knew you before you met me
Liked you before you loved me,

Every morning I watched you drive pass my house
Had breakfast by the window, solely to see your face
At eve, I wore my favorite dress just so you look my way
You always drive pass as though you had no interest.

It delights me that you never caught me
All the while I smiled at you,
Let me tell you the truth in a rush
My love, you were once my crush.