Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Let Me

Let me

Life is hard
We do not get our desires,
Our dreams are forgotten
We lose our loved ones,
We are betrayed by our friends
Those we give our hearts for keeps,
Smash them on the floor without remorse.
We are angered, neglected and rejected, but
Who told you your tears could make the pain go away
Who told you being alone would make you happier
Who told you being sad would make you a better person
Who told you its okay to cry in the river?
The tears would only make your eyes swell
Loneliness would only make you afraid
Being sad would only make your beautiful face wrinkle
The river would only drown you
So give me the chance to make you forget all
Let me be your friend today
I promise to take your pain away
I will always make you laugh out till your ribs hurt
We would dance until your sorrows depart
You will not be afraid to wake up anymore
I will be with you, we shall conquer this together
And you shall be amazed how free your soul would be.