Friday, 17 July 2015


                                                               CANDY  CURE


                                                          So much have I grown

To be the woman you would never know

Lying though your lot may be

Despite the love you so received

And the care that showered like rain on you.

See! My body you see, you will see no more.

Know it! The love you got, like drought, it has ceased.

That voice sweet like the bird's, for it your ears shall yearn.

And now, here I sit with a gaze on the one I now desire.

Wondering how I overcame your hurt

And let loose that past and acquired this present.

That heavy heart now a light flying feather.

That soaked eyes now as dry as a desert.

Like a bird let off its long-living.

So have I become in the present days.

Then my tongue cried quo vadis.

But now my lips shouts gracias for leaving!
Written by Onyeneke Obiageli Stella 17/7/2015

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Hey little friend
you see what i tell  you about being strong
it saved me at the battlefield
i struck so many enemies
i killed a lot with my bare hands

oh! i fought so hard with all my energy
the enemy got me while i tried to save a brother
he drove the spear in my belly

that's how i got that little hole where the blood gushes from
but i held on till I got here
we almost won you know?
we just were not enough for them
They came out in thousands

while we came at them in hundreds yet
they could not kill me
I made a promise not to die at the battle ground
I made sure of that

So many died but I struggled to escape with my carve
They were just too powerful in their numbers and weapons
That man attacked me with my own spear
please take these words to my family  

first to my father
Tell him I fought bravely 
To my mum tell her I did not die on the battle field
To my beloved wife, tell her I killed hundreds of soldiers
To my son tell him I was a good soldier

As i drown in my own blood
would my wife ever think i would be stabbed
with the spear I sharpened

Though my life ends in your poor little hut
I hope I be remembered for being a good fighter.