Friday, 6 June 2014




Don’t treat me this way
What do you want me to say?
Please doctor, could you make me disappear?
I am only an innocent little child
Can you not see that I am hurt too?

He knew he was stronger, he was using that
I begged him to stop as I appealed to his conscience
His desires just controlled him
All I did was protect me
The tears in my eyes and the words from my mouth couldn’t stop him

I struggled for help and reached for the peeler
Hoping it would scare him away
It just didn’t, he then put apart my legs
Thus, I hurriedly thrust the peeler in his neck where it fitted perfectly
That little sharp silver steel stopped him, he then let go

Now they say I have ended his life
Don’t put me through this trauma
He was supposed to take care of me
He rather chose to defile me
So the peeler made him kick the bucket

You all sit here and judge me
What if I let him and then ended my life afterwards
What then will you call him if he had lived?
Please I only tried to escape
From the man with a monster shape
The peeler only stopped the rape

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